2004 Corbières Château La Boutignane “Grande Réserve”

Price: $9.99 @ K&L Wines imported by Latitude Wines

What They Said:

Per K&L Wines “This red offers a gorgeous nose of raspberry, cherry and blackberry. Full in the mouth with low acid and a long silky finish. Made with syrah and grenache, and by Burgundy phenom Vincent Sauvestre who, like the rest of us, just can’t seem to get enough of the South of France!”

What I Think:

The first from the two cases I recently picked up at K&L. These wines are always afflicted with high expectations because for whatever reason I label everything I buy there in the splurging category. Keep that in mind as these begin to hit the list. As much I as I would like to say I am unbiased I can’t swear to it.

This wine showed light to dark fruit on the nose depending on how much I swirled. In the mouth cherries seemed the most prevalent of the light fruit before quickly souring and turning almost a bit medicinal. Darker fruit pokes its head through on occasion but seems inconsistent. Silky on the finish? I think not; very minty/peppery/tannin (working on distinguishing between these) bordering on unpleasant. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day…

Day 2, things did seem to round out. The light fruits seemed lighter, the darker fruits were a little more forward and the finish could no longer be described as unpleasant that being said there was still something to be desired as far as this wines length. Perhap price comes into play on this rating, at $7 I may have been willing to give it another go, below that a no brainer. But at this price I would certainly give something else a go.

Rating: Skip It