2006 Cline California Zinfandel

Price: $7.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per wine.com on the 2006 Cline Zinfandel: “As always, the California Zinfandel is a challenging and rewarding wine to produce. Severe selection criteria and master blending show in the final product, which showcases a wide array of dark berry fruit including black cherry and raspberry. Additionally, spice notes and a lasting finish of vanilla from oak aging and firm, supple tannins add complexity to this wine. This wine is ready to drink now and will continue to develop complexity over the next three to four years.”

What I Think:

Oh the history with this wine. I’ve only been at this for ten years or so but I remember the first wine I fell for was a Blackstone Cab. Around 2001 when I moved past that one this Cline Zinfandel was my next love. I had a roommate at the time and if I recall correctly we went through 3 to 4 cases in the year we lived together. Within that kind of nostalgia you can understand that I may have a predisposition to give this one the benefit of the doubt. This one was minty with dark fruit running on overtones of oakish barrel flavors. Nice and flavorful but not what I was hoping for.

Back in the good old days when I started shopping TJ’s wine, Zin was the way to go. My all time favorite was a Pepperwood Grove Zin that could be had for $4 ($1.25 on closeout, bought 6 cases). At the time, the pickings were plentiful. No longer as Zin at favorable prices have been hard to come by. Given the current offerings I’ll take my chances with the current vintage of the Rocking Horse over this as I enjoyed the ’02. This one had 12th bottle potential and you could give a go. Personally at this price point I’ll spend my money elsewhere.

Rating: Skip It