2005 Fresno State Winery California Syrah

2005 Fresno State Winery California SyrahPrice: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “Layers of dark fruit are complimented by an elegant blend of French and American oak. Supple tannins create a memorable and long-lasting finish on this classic Rhone-style red wine. Our Syrah is a perfect companion for grilled steak or lamb.”

What I Think:

Fresno State Winery, interesting I thought. Not UC Davis but certainly in the conversation when discussing the who’s who in the wine education world. That was enough to get it my cart. They have their own dedicated website which leaves me with questions, wondering and once again awe. Awe in the power of Trader Joe’s business model which consistently allows us to drink wines that cost $12 elsewhere for a fraction of the price. Wonder in why the site redirects to a funky URL and questions as to why any site would remove the information about a particular vintage when it is no longer for sale. Not very user focused now, are we?

Now onto the bottle, I am going to keep this one brief. Nose of herbs and fruit. Nice, rich fruit but all the same a bit restrained which is unusual and appealing at this price point. Slightly chalky on the palate. A finish that starts with mint and fades to blackberry & barrel flavors. As I think back to the Trader Joe’s inventory, there is not another Syrah in this price range I like better, nor a label I can remember wanting to try. That must mean Buy It!

Rating: Buy It