2005 La Cappuccina Soave Classico

Price: $7.99 @ K&L Wines imported by Vinity Wine Company

What They Said:

Per K&L Wines “The wine is produced from Garganega grapes, harvested during the first ten days of October, carefully selected to insure that only ripe and healthy berries are used for the wine, and pressed softly with a whole-bunch pressing. The must undergoes a static, cold settling and the fermentation temperature is controlled. The wine is then aged for five months in stainless steel tanks. Tastings of older vintages have demonstrated that the wine ages well and attains an even greater complexity. Ripe, rich and opulent in style. Far fuller than most Soaves, and fairly New World in character, it’s got bags of rich flavour with some lovely tropical fruit tones. A classy glassful on its own and a good companion on the dinner table.”

They also said this in the May 2007 newsletter,”The main grape of Soave is garganega, which is believed to be of Greek origin. Citrusy fragrance and floral tones will be found the bouquet of the wine, while the palate is rich with ripe apricot and peaches and a long creamy finish.Try with fresh water fish or grilled poultry.”

What I Think:

For starters I really wanted to like this wine. The story above was very compelling to me. Affordable, Age-able and Italian all seemed like good things. So when it landed in the fridge it did so with higher than average expectations, especially for a grape variety that I had never tried before. After giving it some time to chill we pulled it out and pulled the cork.

To the eye the color looked deep and golden. On the nose my expectations start to look more reasonable. The citrus notes on the nose were overpowering. I’m not sure that you can smell richness or opulence but I sure thought I could with this one. My mind racing, imagining the complexity… On the palate it seemed a bit racy with citrus flavor up front leading to a mineral laced mid-palate and finish. My wife actually thought it taste like beer (Hefeweizen to be exact). For me it tasted slightly Sauvignon Blanc-ish. After my first taste I actually got up from the dinner table and put it back in the fridge as I was worried it may have been a bit to warm as it lacked crispness. Looking at the bottle said that it should be consumed at 50 degrees Fahrenheit. That seems really cold. Upon taking it out a bit more chilled I found some melons aromas and flavors present. I certainly never found the creamy finish which leads me to believe this may benefit from aging. It definitely seemed to be clashing now; perhaps some time to become integrated would be beneficial. As I don’t plan on giving this a second chance I will never know…

Rating: Skip It