2005 Mount Linden Merlot

2005 Mount Linden MerlotPrice: $3.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per the bottle “Mount Linden wines are blended using a careful selection of choice grapes from California’s top winemaking region to produce exceptional wines true to their character. Mount Linden wines focus on rich, pure flavors of California’s best vineyards. The lush, cherry fruit of this Mount Linden Merlot is carried on an exceptionally velvety frame. Aromas of cedar and toasty oak accent the ripe raspberry flavors.”

What I Think:

I’ll keep this one short. This one is full bodied with warm cherry flavors on the palate. It turns sour and finishes just a bit spicy and tannic with vanilla notes (imparted from the barrel). Nice effort for the money, a perfect juicy quaffer that apparently includes some Syrah “to add depth & structure”.

Rating: Buy It