2004 Santa Cruz Mountain Vineyard Central Coast Cabernet Sauvignon

Price: $8.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Not a peep on this one. I did find a Pierce Ranch Tempranillo, this cab is from there, acknowledged by the winery bit nothing for a cabernet…

What I Think:

I bought this as my favorite TJ’s down at the wharf here in San Francisco, the place is empty! Have to love that in a TJ’s. I was there looking for this Santa Ynez Valley Winery Cabernet Franc but couldn’t find it. Instead I grabbed a hodgepodge of others including this one and the Pope Valley Cabernet. I tried them both over the same weekend side by side.

As mentioned in “What They Said” above, no help from anyone here so I am on my own, same as the Pope Valley Cab. Google #1 search result here I come. Now to the wine; I have often coveted wines from Santa Cruz Mountain winery and had previously seen the Merlot. Seeing the Cab though was truly exciting as TJ’s experiences go. This excitement started to wane when I saw that this bottle had been disowned by the winery. Perhaps not disowned but anytime I can’t find acknowledgement on the winery website I begin to think the worse. Then the $9 price tag gets me excited and overall I am expecting good things…and all this before the bottle is open.

Now with the cork out, I am looking forward to enjoying myself. Looking at my notes it must have been almost better than I remember. Starting from the end and moving forward it must have been complex. It seems that I couldn’t peg anything. All my notes seem to be maybe this but hedging in another direction. Big, but not really. Subtle but dark. Fruit seems lighter but dark bing cherries. Chewy on top, with mint underneath. Overall this wine is what I would call elegant compared to most cabs. If you want to be clobbered over the head this wine is not for you. This wine requires some patience and a definitive focus on enjoying the wine. Have it at a dinner party and you won’t even notice it. Give this time to impress you and I think you will appreciate it. I did and I plan on doing so again.

Rating: Buy It