NV Warre’s Warrior Porto

Price: $11.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Vineyard Brands

What They Said:

Per the winery “Warrior is the oldest mark of Port in the World, having been shipped continuously since the 1750s. The traditional style has been maintained over the years and is today a classic full-bodied wine with wonderful richness and balance. Aged in seasoned oak casks for 4 to 5 years before being drawn off and bottled following a light filtration. Warrior Special Reserve is ready for immediate drinking and does not require any decanting or ageing. Warre’s Warrior is a classic Special Reserve with dark, intense fruit – a superb Port in the traditional style and one of the finest available for everyday drinking.”

What I Think:

As mentioned with the dinner party I have had another scenario to envision, what to do with dessert wines? I have these around just for these occasions when we actually serve dessert, truth be told I am not and don’t hope to be a connoisseur in this area. My wife actually cares for them more than I do. On occasion, I’ll have one while out tasting or get one in a wine club shipment but barring that I am just scanning the bottles at TJ’s that is cost effective and hope inspiring, that is how this bottle ended up in the house.

Warre’s is part of the Symington Family Estates that is known for bottlings such as Dow’s and Graham’s. It is made from a blend of traditional Portuguese varieties from the Douro Valley though no percentages are listed here, bummer. With these grapes approximately 20% brandy is added to the mix to get us the final product which is kept in the barrel for five years. In the glass it has that ruby tint that one would expect, in the mouth it has the richness you are accompanied to be seems to lack the intensity and depth that I have come to know. This one seems on the lighter side with cherry-ish flavors riding on top of the oak from the barrel. These two aren’t all that well integrated which leaves the taste of brandy and tannins the dominate forces at the end. If there is one thing I need from my ports it is a lingering, enjoyable taste lasting long after I have put the glass down, this one doesn’t deliver. I don’t think it is worth the money, there surely must be cheaper/better port available.

Rating: Skip It