2006 Zolo Torrontes

Price: $9.99 @ Friend/Gift imported by Vino del Sol

What They Said:

Per BevMo “Bright and fragrant, the finely crafted ’05 Zolo Torrontes serves up lots of ripe fruit along with an excellent texture on the palate; long and lacy; great with Tex-Mex dishes.”

What I Think:

Some good friends are looking for wedding wines and brought this one over for dinner. When our first saw the label I wasn’t all that interested as my experience with Torrontes in the past had left much to be desired. Boy was I surprised! This was a really nice wine. A bit sweet in the mouth but it paired very well with the Swiss cheese they brought along. This might be able to fill the role of a Riesling or sweeter Gewurtz as well. I’ll definitely grab a bottle or two of this if I see it.

Rating: Buy It