2004 La Ferme Julien Rouge

Price: $4.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by International Wine Imports

What They Said:

Per quaffability “For some reason, despite the exalted pedigree I wasn’t expecting much from this wine. My experience with really large bulk producers from Southern French appellations hasn’t been good. Think Les Jamelle. The good cheap stuff seems to come from smaller producers in Bordeaux.

Basically, I was right. This wine is drinkable, but only borderline Quaffable. It offers Grenache cherry-spice in the nose, along with a little band-aid and dirt. We get the same flavors in the mouth with a touch of greenish plonkiness. The finish is short and simple. Much better than Two Buck Chuck, and not bad for five bucks, but nothing to get lathered up about”

What I Think:

Given that I am now a full 33 wines behind it seems that it is time to get cranking and say goodbye to my pretty world of posting all my wines in the exact order that I consumed them. With that I am first filtering my list to first time TJ’s entries as these are the ones that drive the vast majority of my traffic, who by the way I would love to see a post from after they try a wine. Good or bad, interaction is fun.

I have always heard good things about the Perrin family so seeing this on the shelf, though I believe it has been there for ages, it seemed worthy of a try. Per cork’d.com the blend percentage is as follows: 50% Grenache 20% Syrah 15% Carigan 15% Cinsault. We opened this one a few weeks back I don’t seem to have recorded the situation or the meal that it may have or not been paired with. What I did scribble is that it smelled “plonky” and a bit sour with perhaps a bit of spice hiding. The middle of the palate showed some fruit but it was extremely thin and tended towards cherries. The end was on the chewy side and not all unpleasant. At the end of the day your better rolling the dice on something else at this price point. There’s not much to see here so may as well move on.

Rating: Skip It