2008 Blocks Sauvignon Blanc

Price: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s imported by Vinum Global

What They Said:

2008 Blocks Sauvignon BlancPer the bottle “Opening with cut grass and capsicum intermingling with passion fruit and finishing with guava, the nose shows the best of classic Marlborough Sauvignon. The palate is full of citrus with some hints of gooseberry and finishes with heady tropical fruits.”

What I Think:

My first thought in seeing an ’08 is that this has been aging in someone’s warehouse. I was hoping the URL on bottle would tell me where but that no longer resolves to a site. Perhaps a casualty of the ripples in the global economy? Likely so. Looks like it retailed for $16+ in its day. Was it worth it?

Golden straw in color with tropical fruit & green cut grass on the nose. Medium bodied this wine shows lemon stone fruits with hints of guava on the palate leading to a tight acidic backbone with a pleasing crispness. The finish is refreshing with a lasting pucker that leaves you smacking your lips and me thinking of a favorite childhood candy; Lemonheads. In a good way that is. Guessing we will never see the ’09 version of this one (based on my comments above) so buy this one while it lasts. I’ll be getting some more and think a blind tasting may be in order with the King Shag and Sauvignon Republic. Either way one thing is for certain; New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc is the most dependable wine category Trader Joe’s carries. As matter fact it is time for me to try some $10+ options to see what it is (if anything) that I am missing out on. Stay tuned! In the meantime if you are so inclined grab a bottle of this one and let me know what you think.

Rating: Buy It