2008 Pacific Rim Autumnus White

This is a guest post from JB who is a frequent commenter here on the site. For those that aren’t familiar he frequently points out the latest and greatest Trader Joe’s finds long before I get to them. When he mentioned the Autumnus I let him know I was unlikely to try it (sounded too sweet) and asked if he might do a guest post. He was kind enough to agree. If anyone else is interested in doing the same let me know in the comments.
2008 Pacific Rim Autumnus WhitePrice: $5.99 @ Trader Joe’s

What They Said:

Per Pacific Rim “Autumnus represents everything that is beautiful about food and wine — bounty, variety and complexity. Washington State provides the ideal terroir for the varietals we’ve selected for our wine: Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Gewürztraminer.

The vision for Autumnus was to craft a wine where each component would bring its own individuality and, at the same time, harmonically counterbalance the individuality of the other component. The Riesling brings floral aromatics and bright, fresh acidity; the Chenin Blanc lends a clean minerality and beautiful citrus characteristic; and the Gewüztraminer lends a soft, round mouthfeel with subtle flavors of passion fruit.

Autumnus is crafted to pair with a diverse canvas of foods. Our white blend would be a lovely pairing with fresh, local foods such as a simple spring salad. The bright acidity of the wine would complement more rich foods like grilled fish with a cream-based sauce. While the subtle layered flavor profile of the wine would be a perfect balance to all manner of curry dishes.”

And 88 points from the Wine Spectator where Harvey Steiman says “Bright and jazzy, with zesty grapefruit peel notes against the light sweetness of lemon custard character. Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Gewürztraminer. Drink now” – April 15, 2010

What JB Thinks:

Wow…….After reading what they said, I would think they were describing a God rather than a wine. Looking at the label does little to change that perception. Given I am not a big fan of white, this one is a blend of Riesling, Chenin Blanc and Gewurztraminer, I’m initially skeptical. After the first sip of the wine my judgment changed completely (don’t judge a book by its cover). The nose is floral with a nice grapefruit aroma. The flavor is bright with grapefruit and lemon notes that lead to a soft passion fruit flavor. This wine is well balanced, fruity and tart with a nice dry finish. Yum! Given I’ve seen the Autumnus go for $14 it is quite a deal at Trader Joe’s where it can be had for a mere $5.99. That said get it while you can as this one is a hustle buy. With the holidays nearing you may want to grab some for Thanksgiving dinner or stuffing stockings.

JB’s Rating: Buy It (I did!)

Thanks again JB! Who wants to be the next to do a guest post?