Welcome to Grape Madness

1st Round 2nd Round 3rd Round 4th Round 5th Round 4th Round 3rd Round 2nd Round 1st Round
March 19-20 March 21-22 March 27-29 April 4 April 6 April 4 March 26-28 March 21-22 March 19-20
Marc’s Muse & BevMo             RJ’s Wine Blog & Whole Foods
(1) 2007 Renwood Zinfandel ($19)                     (1) 2006 Klinker Brick Old Vine Zin ($18)
  Renwood                 Klinker  
(4) 2006 Rockbrook California Cab ($3)                     (4) 2007 Quail Creek Shiraz ($4)
    Penfolds             Vincent    
(3) 2007 Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat Shiraz-Cabernet ($9)                     (3) NV Rex-Goliath Giant 47 Pound Rooster Zin ($8)
  Penfolds                 Vincent  
(2) 2006 Columbia Crest Grand Estates Cab ($10)                     (2) 2006 Stephen Vincent Crimson (California) ($11)
      Talus         Vincent      
(2) 2006 Blackstone Merlot ($11)                     (2) 2007 Castle Rock Pinot Noir Monterey County ($12)
  Talus                 Castle Rock  
(3) 2007 Talus Pinot Noir ($9)                     (3) 2006 Block No. 45 Petite Sirah ($7)
    Talus             Castle Rock    
(4) 2006 Rockbrook California Merlot ($3)                     (4) 2006 Quail Creek Cabernet Sauvignon ($4)
  Tapiz             York Creek  
(1) 2007 Tapiz Malbec ($17)             (1) 2006 York Creek Vineyards Red Wine ($20)


Daddy Winebucks & Cost Plus World Market             Jason’s Wine Blog & Trader Joe’s
(1) 2006 Edge Napa Cabernet Sauvignon ($19)             (1) 2004 Chateau Chevalier Napa Cab ($15)
  Aaku         Chevalier  
(4) 2005 Aaku Cabernet Sauvignon ($4)                 (4) 2006 Trader Joe’s Coastal Cab ($4)
    Norton             Chevalier    
(3) 2007 Bodega Norton Malbec ($8)                     (3) 2006 Fetzer Valley Oaks Cab ($6)
  Norton                 Fetzer  
(2) 2007 337 Cabernet Sauvignon ($10)                     (2) 2006 Sterling Central Coast Cab ($12)
      Norton         Chevalier      
(2) 2006 The Show Cabernet Sauvignon ($13)                     (2) 2007 Bogle Old Vine Zin ($10)
  The Show                 Bogle  
(3) 2005 Talia Rosso ($7)                     (3) 2006 Ravenswood Vinters Blend Zin ($8)
    The Show             Rosenblum    
(4) NV Pinot Evil Pinot Noir ($5)                     (4) 2006 Old Moon Old Vine Zin ($5)
  Pinot Evil                 Rosenblum  
(1) 2004 Baron De Magana ($18)                     (1) 2006 Rosenblum Paso Robles Zin ($16)
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9 thoughts on “Welcome to Grape Madness

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  3. My Dear, Dear Friend Eric,

    I do agree with you. People have different palates. The problem is yours stinks. So does Daddy WineBucks’–What are we going to do with you two dream killers from outlier land? Both of the ridiculous judging performances to date from you and Daddy have soiled and besmirched the high and mighty credibility and prestige of this glorious and dignified event, IMHO.

    I respectfully submit my official protest to the Grape Madness powers that be. I demand an immediate ban of the Grape Madness results to date from the BevMo region AND the Cost Plus region. Replace the tasting incompetence in Bevmo and Cost-Plus regions with some real pros in order to re-taste and bring justice to the wines in those regions. I would think pros like Jason and RJH are two qualified people capable of conducting a beleivable re-judging…Therefor, I demand such a re-taste. Re-taste. Re-taste. Re-taste.

    Oh, and BTW, Eric and Daddy, the White House Press corps released the president’s unofficial GM picks–would you believe he had Baron De Magana (all the way), Blackstone and The Edge, all to win in the first round? “Those are damn fine wines. If they’re tasted by a even a mediocre palate, they’ll go a very long way,” the president allegedly murmured from behind the politically correct curtain. Finally, rumor has it that even Congress is aligned with a Re-taste and wants to channel even more of its anger towards the tasting logjam in the BevMo and CostPlus regions of GM. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  4. Eric,
    Wherever you go, whoever you are, whatever you call yourself, there goes your stinky palate, too. Thanks for clarifying that I should include in my ranting that similarly worthless afront to the art and discipline of halfway acceptable wine judging, Marc. Can’t wait for what stellarly absurd results will shine forth tomorrow from the Grape Madness’ Bobbsy Twin regions of Bevmo and Cost Plus.

  5. Latest line from Vegas: Cost Plus Region=No Bets Accepted due to reality having been totally suspended. BevMo Region=Due to the Judge who finds cabs dreamy, and finds malbecs dreamier–the line for Tapiz Malbec to advance to final four are 1 to 50 trillion (i.e. Tapiz is a lock. Bet everything you’ve got on Tapiz). Line for Penfolds/Tapiz in elite eight match up are 1 to 25 trillon. Again bet the farm on these two making it. They are a guaranteed lock.

  6. 2007–Talus Pinot Noir–Looks like those cowboy chemists at Okie State have developed a one hit wonder. Just add 8 parts grape juice from grapes produced by Wilbur in the Arizona desert to one part Louisville Kentucky moonshine; combine with some Connectict lap dog industrial grade juniper berry bits and mix-in a precious touch of angelica root flavored syrup from Kansas corn clusters individually claw-picked and de-stemmed by Jayhawks; Finally, age 1 hour in stailess steel Boilers made at Purdue and Voila! Declare France is somehow involved and drink up. You should have a wine as souless as Duke’s Blue Devil and as shallow and depthless as the Chatatanooga bench. Nevertheless, those who have picked Talus seem unbeleivably destined for greatness from here, whereas, I must admit, those without picks affirming Talusian beauty (like me) may need to prepare for a decisive fall in the standings.

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