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And there you have it, many entries but nary one that picked the winner. Madness ensued throughout and the championship game was to be no exception as the Bodega Norton Malbec took the title home to Argentina. What better way to follow up madness than with sportsmanship. Daddy Winebucks has vacated the top position to leave yours truly the champion! Just kidding of course (though I would like some of that Waugh Cellars wine). @kpladson is the official winner of the first annual Grape Madness crown and will be awarded the fruits of her victory accordingly. Look forward to your spoils soon! To everyone else, thank you for participating! I hope you had as much fun as I did and maybe we will see you here again next year!

Entry Blog Winner Points
Eric Cohen Daddy Winebucks Chateau Chevalier 62
Jason Rzutkiewicz Jason’s Wine Blog Chateau Chevalier 52
Kristin Pladon @kpladson Talus Pinot 42
R.J. Hilgers RJ’s Wine Blog The Show Cab 42
Robert Dwyer Wellesley Wine Press Columbia Crest Cab 40
Marc Goldsmith Marc’s Muse Rosenblum 36
Tracy Morgan Renwood Zin 36
Ryan Waugh Waugh Cellars Tapiz Malbec 34
Danny Gerkin Rosenblum 32
Erik More Castle Rock 32
Richard The Passionate Foodie Rosenblum 32
Mike Supple Supple Wine Tapiz Malbec 28
Brendan Webb Trader Joe’s Wines Tapiz Malbec 28
Joe Roberts 1 Wine Dude Ravenswood 26
Jeff Lanier Baron De Magana 26
Matthew Wioncek Columbia Crest Cab 18
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25 thoughts on “The Scoreboard

  1. I’m the ORIGINAL Tracy Morgan; because of him I can’t get a SAG card with my own name so I decided to be a project manager so I could afford wine!! ;-)

  2. HEY! NONE of my first round choices won!? I should never be allowed to open a bottle of wine ever again….maybe if I was actually TASTING them…..

  3. My lawyers have in fact given me the okay to post up my results for Round Two. But now somehow I’m improbably being lassoed in to the Balco scandal. I assure you A-Rod, Madonna and I had one little innocent dinner at Daniel in NYC, that’s all. Hmmm, maybe that’s why Danny is mad at me, could Danny Gerkin be an alias of Daniel Boulud’s??? If so, it all makes sense. I did leave a so-so review on Trip Advisor…

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  5. Um, I must be pretty blonde today, because if I add up my score, I actually have more points…..however, the MEN will beat me once again….THANK GOD none of my friends know wine so I can still hold my head up high when I order Columbia Crest at the restaurant and then, with all the bravado I can muster, sniff the cork!

  6. @Tracy You are right. Found a glitch in first round scoring for the folks that picked Talus. Nets you two more points as well as Kristin. More important for her as it pushes her into a tie for first! You are pulling for the Norton on Sunday to pull within a Top 10 finish…

  7. WOOT!!! Tied for 4th with my Man JASON!!!! TJs Rules…ok, so maybe not…..Does anyone else think Winebucks is a ringer???? hehehehehe

  8. Knowing nothing about wine and choosing the few types that I thought were tasty (in my “I only drink cheap wine…and lots of it” way) has proven to be a not too shabby method.

    Wow – thanks, Eric! I can’t wait to try your wine.

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