Did you celebrate Open That Bottle Night?

Open That Bottle Night
I did, can’t quite remember where I heard about it first but I jumped right on board. I won’t go to deep into the premise but in a nutshell two writers for the Wall Street Journal noticed after they wrote a column on aging wines they received a flood of responses asking when people should drink their treasures. There answer: Now. Stop waiting for a special occasion and celebrate the wine itself. Great idea, no?

So for the 10th annual celebration I joined Alder, Dr. Debs, Jeff and myriads more in grabbing something special for Open That Bottle Night. For me it was the 2003 Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. You can get an idea of the evening from this glance at my twitter feed. You’ll notice I left everyone hanging at the end. I wasn’t thrilled with the results as the Silver Oak was a nice $20 bottle of wine but still love the idea. Thinking I may make it a monthly occurrence.

So did you celebrate Open That Bottle night? If so, what did you drink?

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