Twitter Taste Live: Robert Oatley

2007 Robert Oatley Cabernet Sauvignon - MerlotRecently I sampled some Robert Oatley wines as part of a Twitter Taste Live event. For those not familiar with Bob Oatley he is recognized as a pioneer in the Australian wine industry. Having owned Rosemount Estate for decades, his success with Chardonnay put Rosemount on the world wine map. His follow on success with Shiraz was instrumental in establishing that varietal as a permanent feature on wine lists and retail shelves in America. Quite an impressive pedigree.

For those not familiar with Taste Live it’s a wine tasting that sets up a number of physical locations, coast to coast (and sometimes internationally), for a tasting. If you can’t join in person you can order the wines du jour from a retailer and are encouraged to host a group of your own. With wine in hand and an internet connection it is time to join the fun. The three steps are easy; sip, type and press enter to let the world know what you think. If you want you can even talk to those people that may actually be in the same room as you;) You can then follow tasting notes on twitter via #ttl tag or directly via the Taste Live site. The diagram at the end depicts this much more eloquently than I can say it.

As part of my participation I received a three pack of wine that, to me, was an unexpected set. A Rose of Sangiovese, a Pinot Grigio and a Cabernet/Merlot blend all priced near the $15 mark. Why was I surprised? Coming from Australia I was expecting their classic offerings; the Chardonnay and Shiraz mentioned above, rather than what I pulled out of the box. That said, I was no less eager to see what these bottles held in store for me and the #ttl crew. Given this event has past it’s time we get to the wines. Here’s my Twitter Taste Live notes:

jasonswineblog: Getting a late #ttl #roatley start, dang conference calls. Taking my fam along for the ride as my father is in town. Rose is on the table.

jasonswineblog: #ttl #roatley rose has a nice salmon color with a nose of mineral and light fruit. Palate has strawberries on a stony backbone. Refreshing!

jasonswineblog: Did anyone else think the #roatley wines were bottled with corks, I did! Like that packaging #ttl

jasonswineblog: #ttl #roatley Pinot Grigio, nose is fresh with lemons, palate is crisp and quickly turns tangy. Shows nice acidity and late cantaloupe notes

jasonswineblog: #ttl onto #roatley Cab/Merlot, bit vegetal, nice berry (blue?) fruit up front, turns earthy on lasting finish. A hint of black olives too?

jasonswineblog: btw, the #roatley rose was Sangiovese, that’s my quick take. Dinner time now then some more notes later! Next #ttl, promise I’ll be on time!

jasonswineblog: final ranking on #roatley #ttl 1) Sangiovese Rose, nice strawberries 2) Pinot Grigio, tangy lemon and 3) Cab/Merlot, green pepper, chocolate

jasonswineblog: Final word on #roatley #ttl Surprised how Cab/Merlot grew on me, components were nice but never integrated. Wish I saved a glass for manana

And like that it was over. My socks weren’t knocked off but all three wines were nice and none would leave you disappointed. This is my first time with the format and I enjoyed it. The pace moves quick so there is no contemplating sip after sip to figure out what you are tasting. Here you shoot from the hip and figure it out later…

Thanks to Twitter Taste Live and Robert Oatley for hosting the event. If you’d like to read more check out what the winery had to say in their blog post. And if you are interested in these wines it appears they are available in 11 states, click here to see if you are in one of them.

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