#Wines4JapanSF Ticket Giveaway and Specials

#Wines4JapanSF #Wines4JapanSF is right around the corner and for those that didn’t see my last post we have an exciting list of people lined up to pour. I’m quite sure there will literally be something for everyone. With all the details coming together nicely we are looking to make a final push on ticket sales and hoping to sell out the event! To that end I have 10 free tickets to give away here and another 10 “2 for 1″ special offers. So how do you get yours? Read on my friends! I’ve think I’ve made it as easy as possible…

To get your free ticket just be one of the first 10 to leave a comment letting me know which of those pouring you’ve either experienced in the past or are most looking forward to trying for the first time. For those that are interested in the 2 for the price of 1 offer head on over to ticketfly buy your ticket and email me the confirmation (jason at jasonswineblog dot com) and your bonus ticket will be awaiting you at will call when you arrive.

For those that can help spread the word I’d certainly appreciate it and hope to see you there!


#Wines4JapanSFI apologize for the lack of updates as of late but as mentioned I have been busy and focused elsewhere. No place more so that on this #Wines4JapanSF charity tasting that I am helping to organize. I’ve been partnering with Jason Mancebo of $20 Dollar Wine Blog on winery outreach and have come up with a fantastic list of folks that are pouring and even more that are contributing items to the silent auction that will be held as part of the event. But before getting to those first a little more about the event…

The event is taking place in downtown San Francisco (at the Commonwealth Club) next Friday May 20th from 5:30-8. Tickets are available for $20 via ticketfly. A steal of a deal given the quality of the wineries that will be on hand and your contributing to the Japanese earthquake relief efforts to boot. All proceeds from the event will go directly to the Give2Asia. We have room for 400 of our closest friends at the event and I could certainly use your help in spreading the word. For those local I would love to see you there. It would be great to put a face to some of these names it seems I have known for so long…

Now let’s talk about who will be there….

    Cornerstone Cellars Cornerstone Cellars specializes in Napa Valley Cabernet. That said they have expanded to a second label, Stepping Stone, and a second location, Willamette Valley. All share one goal: to make compelling, exciting wines that speak clearly of the vineyard, variety and vintage from which they are born. Long on my radar I’ve yet to experience their wines and am excited to give them a try! Better yet I can’t wait to bid on one of the magnums of 2004 Howell Mountain Cabernet they are donating for the silent auction.
    Hirsch Vineyards Hirsch Vineyards is a winery that has burst onto my scene as of late. They are located on the Sonoma Coast and focus on making site-specific and varietally-true estate pinot noirs and chardonnay. I’ve been eagerly looking for a chance to try their wines and am hoping they’ll be on hand as our change in date has created a challenge for them. Either way they’ll still be participating as they were generous enough to donate a private tasting and tour of the winery and vineyards to the silent auction.
    Von Holt Wines Von Holt Wines is a new kid on the block specializing in single vineyard Pinot Noir and Syrah from the cool climate regions of the Sonoma Coast and Russian River Valley. With John Fones as winemaker and Ed Kurtzman advising I’m expecting good things and look forward to discovering their wines.
    Old World Winery I was lucky enough to sample the wines of Old World Winery as part of a recent Taste Live event and I came away quite impressed. Old World Winery is a project of located on the site where Williams-Selyem was created and was founded by Darek Trowbridge who’s lineage leads through the Martinelli family. You can hear more about Darek’s wine making style in his interview for the soon to be relased documentary Wines from Here. I’m certainly looking forward to giving his wines another try and am sure you will enjoy doing so as well!
    Clos Saron Gideon Beinstock is the man behind Clos Saron and has long been involved with Renaissance Winery of which I have both been long wanting to try! Gideon is known as a careful and thoughtful and winemaker who keeps alcohol levels low and new oak at a minimum. For those interested Gideon is also featured in Wines from Here. I recommend giving it a watch but even more so coming to the event to give his wines a try. I know I can’t wait!
    Michel Schlumberger Let’s begin with the fact that my wife is Swiss. You see Michel Schlumberger was founded by a native of Switzerland with whom my father-in-law is acquainted. Luckily for me their wine is one of the few he buys regularly that I truly enjoy. I’ve lamented the beauty of their Pinot Gris on many occasions. I’ve been meaning to taste their whole lineup (I hear it is a stunning to visit) but have yet to have the opportunity. I still need to visit but in the mean time I’m excited they’ll be doing us the honor of joining us in San Francisco!
    James David Cellars David Cole may have been one of the very first acquaintances I made when joining twitter a few years back. Despite our exchanges I have still yet to try the wines of his James David Cellars which I have heard so many good things about. Given that I was thrilled when they reached out to participate in the event and look forward to my first taste of their offerings.
    Ravenswood Winery Everyone knows Ravenswood Winery or at least they think they do. Many know their widely available, reliable, value priced ZInfandel but fewer know (until recently I was guilty) that Ravenswood is the home of Joel Peterson who was recently inducted into the Vintners Hall of Fame. He founded the winery in 1976 with $4,000 and no vineyards and today is known as the Godfather of Zin. They are perhaps best known by those in the know for their fine single vineyard designated Zinfandels and also produce a number of other varietals. I for one am keen to experience the lesser known side of Ravenswood.
    De Novo Wines “De Novo” in Latin means beginning anew. When I came across De Novo Wines they were certainly “a new” to me as I ‘m guessing they are to many of you. Founded in 2003 they’ve forged connections with vineyard owners specializing in Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Pinot Noir, and Zinfandel. Looking forward to getting acquainted.
    Hannah Nicole Vineyards Hannah Nicole Vineyards is another winery that I am being introduced to via this event. Located in Contra Costa County with Mount Diablo looming in the distance they first planted Bordeaux varietals before later adding their counterparts from the Rhone. Originally planned as an apple orchard they began making wine in 2002 and have continued to grow ever since. In 2009 they opened a new winery and tasting room and they continue to release a wide range of styles and grapes. Wonder which one will be my favorite! We will find out soon enough…
    Vinos Unico I’ve been singing the praises of Vinos Unico ever since I first sampled through their wines at the #Port4lio tasting in 2010. Not only do Luis and team import some terrific wines (at great prices) from Spain and Portugal but they produce quality vino like the Urbanite Cellars Redart in their spare time. With the latest releases of Vinho Verde’s in I can’t wait to give them a try and load up on a case or two for the summer.
    Blue Danube WineBlue Danube Wine is also part of the #Port4lio tasting I mentioned above and I likewise discovered their lovely and eclectic portfolio of wines. Frank and team introduced to me to a plethora of new and interesting varietals from throughout Central and Eastern Europe. The majority may have heard of Gruner Veltliner but go a step further and you can discover Plavic Mali, Irsai Oliver and more. You’re sure to try something new and likely to find something you want to explore further. If you’ve yet to experience some of these wines you are surely in for a treat!
    Return to Terroir Return to Terroir is yet again another member of the esteemed #Port4lio club and one who’s winesI know the least about. That said I’ve heard great things from many. Raphael and team scour France to find compelling wines at reasonable prices and I am looking forward to learning more about their portfolio. Hopefully there will be some Jura on hand as I missed an epic tasting event last week (as I was moving) at the Punchdown that I very much wanted to attend. My instinct tells me I’m sure to find some new favorites amongst their offerings and I look forward to exploring whatever they have on hand.
    Tanaro River Imports Tanaro River Imports is a new friend who thankfully reached out to participate in the event. Tanaro River Imports is focused on importing wines from the Old World and specifically focuses on the Alsace in France and Piedmonte and Tuscany in Italy. While we won’t be lucky enough to spend time with George and his team they will be sending the 2006 Beck-Hartweg Pinot Gris Gran Cru Frankstein, 2007 Bosco Agostino Barbera and 2007 Bindi-Sergardi Chianti Classico. There are even some rumors that some Barolo may slip its way in to the shipment. Either way guessing we’ll have good wines on hand!
    Cheese Plus And last but certainly not least Cheese Plus because what is good wine without good cheese. Ray and his team will be joining to share samples of their many cheeses and if you are nice enough they may even offer to share some knowledge on pairing their offerings with the different wines on hand. This is certainly a place where I have lots to learn. Again as the rumor mill has it I hear they make a mean fondue. Something tells me this is going to be a popular table. And for those that aren’t already aware Cheese Plus can hook you up with some seriously good wines to go with the cheese of your choice. Just stop in and ask for Greg. You’ll be glad you did.

This in addition to silent auction items contributed by Freeman Vineyard & Winery, La Clarine Farm, Stomping Girl Wines, Hahn Family Wines, Navarro Vineyards, K & L Wines and more. For all you wineries out there listening we still have some room to pour and would gladly accept more items for the silent auctions. Shoot me a note or leave a comment below if interested.

As for the rest of you get your tickets now and please help spread the word! Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated and in support of a worthy cause. Hope to see a bunch of you there.